Volunteer Spotlight:
Jerry Vandiver

Harmony Wildlife loves Jerry!

Jerry has a BS degree in Biology and taught 7th grade Life Science for 7 years.  He moved to Nashville to chase his songwriting dreams and has been fortunate to have had songs recorded by Tim McGraw, The Oak Ridge Boys and Barbara Mandrell to name a few.  He eventually discovered a new passion in wildlife rescue and joined  Harmony’s volunteer team in 2022.

Why did you choose to volunteer in this field?

It all began when we found a fledgling Broad Wing Hawk grounded in our backyard and didn’t know what to do or who to contact.  I’m an avid outdoorsman and conservationist.  I love wildlife and saw a need to help, especially in the urban area. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Seeing those moments when a wild animal in need is healed and released back into the wild. 

What is your favorite animal and why?

Absolutely the Red Fox.  As I’ve been mostly focused on their dire situation with mange being rampant in our area.  I’ve come to admire them so much.  Watching them heal and dash back out into the wild in an orange blur with a full white tipped tail is one of my most joyful experiences.

Share a favorite/funny wildlife story?

I remember once a severely mange infected fox had walked into a tack room in a bar.  I was able to actually net him and take him in for help.  This one was so bad, I honestly didn’t think it would survive.  But I was wrong.  Watching him run back to his wild hole was a moment I’ll never forget.

What are your hobbies?

I’m an avid canoeist and wilderness camper.  I especially love to go on week long canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northeast Minnesota. 

What is next on your bucket list?

Kayaking in Antarctica!  I would have then been to all 7 continents!

What is one thing most people do not know about you?

I’m a dental school dropout!!!  (My parents were so disappointed!)

Are you interested in joining Harmony’s volunteer team? 

Contact Peggy @ peggy@harmonywildlife.org