Volunteer Spotlight:
Robert Sullivan, Anna Miller, & Fax Landstreet

In February, the Nashville area experienced an incredibly powerful windstorm that knocked power out for more than 100,000 people. The wind also toppled an estimated 600 trees, including a giant beauty on Harmony’s property. Fortunately, the massive oak missed all the humans, animals, and structures. But, it landed right where we’re planning to build another animal enclosure.

Enter our heroes: volunteers Robert Sullivan, Anna Miller, and Fax Landstreet. Robert spent three days precariously perched on a slope cutting away tree limbs while his parents supervised nervously. (For the record, we were nervous, too.)

After Robert finished the limbs, Anna and Fax took over and conquered the massive trunk. Thanks to these volunteers and their chainsaws the oak tree has been recycled into:

Robert (and your parents!), Anna, and Fax: thank you so very much!

Volunteer Robert Sullivan cuts up the massive oak tree that fell on Harmony's property.

This beautiful tree lived a very long time.

Volunteer Fax Landstreet tackles the trunk.

Miraculously, the lumber underneath the trunk survived unscathed. We will be using it to build our next animal enclosure.

The same storm destroyed three owl nest trees.  We are caring for these great horned owlets because their siblings perished and we could not re-nest them.

Thank You Robert, Anna, and Fax!

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