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Harmony Wildlife's education program showcases Tennessee native wildlife. Our sessions are led by trained educators and provide information on local species, their habitats, and conservation challenges. These programs also give participants an understanding of what's involved in wildlife rehabilitation work.

Meet Frodo, our ambassador

Allow us to introduce you to Frodo, our charismatic educational ambassador extraordinaire. Frodo's story is as enchanting as it is unique. 

Frodo is a Virginia opossum, a species known for its adaptability and nocturnal habits. What sets Frodo apart is his journey with dwarfism. Despite his smaller stature, Frodo's spirit is as lively as any of his full-sized counterparts. As an educational ambassador, Frodo plays a crucial role in helping us connect with audiences of all ages. His presence serves as a testament to nature's incredible diversity. We hope he can instill a sense of wonder and respect for the intricacies of nature, encouraging a deeper connection with the world around us, while educating our community on how to live harmoniously with wildlife. 

We invite you to schedule an educational program to experience Frodo's charm. He will leave a lasting pawprint on your heart!

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