Harmony Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to empowering Tennessee's citizens through wildlife education. The most common errors humans make with wild animals are easily prevented by learning how to recognize abandoned or injured wildlife and knowing the correct procedures to keep each species safe. With these goals in mind, Harmony Wildlife provides the following information.

  • Rescuing Wildlife - General Guidlines
    Details the important do's and don'ts of wildlife rescue. It also outlines the basic steps in beginning the care of an injured or orphaned wild animal and provides contact information for wildlife rehabilitators in your area.

    If you have further questions or concerns, please call HWRC at (615)799-8712.

  • I Found a Baby Rabbit - What Do I Do? [PDF]

  • Bird Feeder Care [PDF]
    How to keep your feeders clean and your birds healthy.

  • Natural Histories
    Summarizes the typical nesting and parenting behaviors of wildlife commonly found in Tennessee. These animals include birds, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and deer. By learning each species' habits, humans can more easily recognize animals in need and offer appropriate assistance.

  • Nest Box Plans [PDF]
    Download plans to build nest boxes for wood ducks, raccoons, fox and gray squirrel, or pileated woodpecker. Excerpt from Woodworking for Wildlife in Tennessee, published by TWRA.








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