Harmony Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is happy to provide wildlife lovers with a list of other interesting and entertaining wildlife web sites. Each graphic link is accompanied by a brief description of the site and its purpose. Check back for new links often!*

The official National Parks Conservation Association site contains numerous facts about U.S. efforts to protect wildlife.
People and the Planet's online magazine explores all aspects of how humans interact with the natural world, including wildlife and other environmental concerns.
eNature.com offers comprehensive online field guides for thirteen different classifications of wildlife and plants, as well as extremely useful regional habitat guides so you can research any of the animals you see on the HWRC site.
The official site for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Southeast region features news about American conservation efforts and laws regarding wildlife.
About.com's clearinghouse for information about animals has articles, information, and links galore.
The Pet Channel's section on wildlife offers national news concerning wildlife and a ton of wildlife facts.
The PBS site boasts the accumulated library of facts and photos from the series "Living Edens," with info on every sort of animal, from jellyfish to howler monkeys.
Education Planet is a web guide for teachers, students, and parents, and the site's comprehensive guide to wildlife is enough to entertain and inform for hours at a time.
The official TN Wildlife Regulation Society site has info about regulations and government management of wildlife -- because it always pays to be informed.
Every time you send a FREE Care2 eCard you save a square foot of rainforest.








*Please note: HWRC offers these links as convenient starting points for your own wildlife web search. While we make every effort to link to appropriate, educational sites, we cannot take responsibility for either the content or opinions expressed on the sites listed above.


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