Harmony Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is supported entirely by private donations of money, supplies, and volunteer time. As you can see from the Wish List below, just $10 would provide several items for the care of wildlife at HWRC. We have a variety of giving options, including the Sponsor-a-Critter program. If you are interested in donating resources or time, please call us at (615)799-8712, or fill out our donation form. Thank you for your time and generosity!

Wish List
Nursery/Intensive Care Unit
* liquid bleach
* laundry detergent
* large rubber kitchen gloves
* white paper towels/facial tissue
* cloth diapers
* infant receiving blankets
* old comforters or cotton blankets
* beach towels
* flat white sheets
* heating pads
* pet taxis/carriers
* 10 gallon aquariums
* incubator
* kitchen utensils (for food prep)
* heavy duty garden hose
* pressure-treated lumber
* paint brushes
* 3/4" plywood sheets
* bales of straw
* heavy duty flashlight
* garden tools (rake, hoe, shovel)
* heavy duty hardware cloths
* mixed bird seed
* black sunflower seed
* O' Roy Hi Pro dog food (available at Wal-Mart)
Volunteer Opportunities & Financial Needs
* Accountant
* Financial sponsor for telephone costs
* Volunteers to gather Virginia Creeper, blackberry leaves, red clover, etc. for fawns
* Volunteers to assemble and cover perches for birds of prey
* Volunteers to construct perches for songbirds
The Dream
* donated acreage for a larger facility
* financial sponsor(s) for the facility and rehabilitation buildings








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