Harmony Wildlife's Sponsor-a-Critter program is a great way for animal lovers of all ages to assist in the intensive care of wild animals during their stay at HWRC. Many of the animals rehabilitated at Harmony Wildlife require several months of special assistance before they can be released into their natural environments. By donating through the Sponsor-a-Critter program, you ensure that we have the resources necessary for these often lengthy stays. Simply choose a monthly giving level from the options below, and your donation will go directly to the care of injured animals. Best of all, you get full color e-mails every month with pictures and updates about how the Harmony critters you sponsor are doing. If you would like to Sponsor-a-Critter, just fill out a donation form online, or call HWRC at (615)799-8712.

Sponsor-a-Critter Blue Level -- $10 monthly

Sponsor-a-Critter Orange Level -- $20 monthly

Sponsor-a-Critter Purple Level -- $40 monthly

The Harmony Wildlife critters thank you!


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