Harmony Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides professional care, rehabilitation, and release for Tennessee's displaced, orphaned, and injured wildlife. HWRC was started by two Fairview, TN, residents and continues to grow with the help of many skilled, generous volunteers.

In addition to offering hands-on care for wild animals in distress, community outreach and education are also integral parts of Harmony Wildlife's mission. Local citizens can contact HRWC by phone at (615)799-8712 with wildlife questions and concerns. The center provides information on topics ranging from natural history to carefully controlling unwanted animal visitors. Harmony Wildlife's education programs also help children and adults develop an appreciation for wildlife and the need for its preservation.

Harmony Wildlife Rehabilitation Center operates under all appropriate State and federal permits, though the center does not receive funding from either of these bodies. A 501(c)(3) organization since 1993, HWRC is funded entirely by tax-deductible donations.

For more information about how Harmony Wildlife can help you, visit our wildlife pages, with information about when and how you can best help animals in danger. Also, try visiting some of our helpful links, for items ranging from creature trivia to children's activities. If you would like to help support Harmony Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, please go to our donation page to learn what supplies and skills HWRC needs most.








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